I practice Evolutionary astrology, a method of counseling to help you better understand your evolving self.  I work with you to make best use of your birth chart and the changing sky for personal growth. I explore the placement of the planets in the birth chart to reveal potential strengths and challenges and to offer guidance. The birth chart acts like a map.  It shows us the rough terrain and guides us in times of change. Evolutionary astrology is a type of astrology based upon supporting your individual freedom of choice. I believe astrology never gives us firm predictions or answers, but poses questions and opens avenues to self-awareness. I honor the unique soul journey that only your soul knows in detail and we work together in creative dialogue when reading your chart. 

Accurate birth time is necessary for readings. Please email me with any questions or concerns. All readings are recorded and kept strictly confidential.


Birth chart reading
addressing current questions and client concerns

(This can be a birth chart reading and/or a combination of transits, progressions, solar arcs - what is happening in the sky at the moment)

Sliding scale fees possible. ***Please send me a note! Blessings


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Synastry readings:

Couple, family, parent / child, 90 minutes

(This session is a comparative reading of two or more charts useful in relationship counseling) 

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Other services upon request:

Electional astrology (choosing a date for an event), Chart Rectification (helpful when birth time is not accurate) 

Readings are available by phone or Skype. Readings in person are encouraged and may be scheduled depending upon location - please fill out an intake form or send an email inquiry

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